Having the advantage of in house availability and R&D department of the most valuable ingredient of shoe making which is leather, the company decided to build upon a section to produce Safety and Military shoe uppers, for its customers meeting all specifications and international standards. We have an inbuilt capacity of making 2500 pairs per day and this is also expandable depending upon order profiles as customer satisfaction and flexibility is our prime objective. Presently, we manufacture safety shoe uppers that meet the standards of EN ISO 20345:2007, EN ISO 20345:2011 and EN ISO 20347 standards. The input of components that goes into the manufacturing of the uppers is sourced from our worldwide suppliers, and we ensure of adequate test reports for each supplies we buy hence enabling full control in not only the making but also in the assembling of components. We aim at working upon customer specifications and guidelines and follow it as a principle in order to ensure a smooth functioning. We presently cater our customers with either of the following options:

  • Open Uppers
  • Strobeled Uppers
  • Lasted Uppers

Our vision for growth and qualitative approach has enabled us to be embraced by the opportunity of serving top safety and military brands in Europe, Middle East and South America.

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